Brad, Kenny, John, This note is from my heart. Your shop and crew are the most dedicated group of mechanics I have had the good fortune to have worked on my coach. I know it seem as if I just like hanging out, but with a coach as old as my 1965 MCI 5a, finding the shop with the knowledge to handle the gremlins which pop up has been a saving grace. I have never felt as comfortable and confident before.

This has been a bit of a tough trip for me, but your crew has put my heart at ease. I thank you all for your expertise and friendship. All of my questions and concerns were always answered and handled in the most professional manor.

It was a great run to Lexington, Ky, I have been here a couple of days and today it is raining. I left your shop in Feburary after the crew took care of water leaks I had in the seam where the cap meets the coach body over the drivers section.

This seem to still be a problem with more water leaking in onto the side window and dripping onto the switches in the driver area, I mentioned this but I see it wasnt written up and so, I am today letting you know it is leaking in an area which needs to be readdressed. I guess that wont be till the fall when I am back down that way, if this proves to be something I cant address. Please make note of this. I am doing my best to keep water from reaching the switches.

Again thank you and your men for all their hard work.