30th Anniversary Thoughts

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30th Anniversary Thoughts

Recently while reminiscing where we are as a company, I realized that we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. Wow how time flies when you’re having fun.  For a lot of folks, that may know our company but don’t know our history, I want to give you a brief run down. 

For anybody who knew my dad, well, he was quite the person. Anything he was involved with, he wanted it to be better than it was before. He was a perfectionist.  I called him a tinkerer. From the time he got his first motor home up to his last, he was always changing, renovating and improving. We started out doing most of this work in the parent company, Woodcraft. He enjoyed going to rallies and at many rallies people would see his coach, and he would show them the things he had done. And this is basically how the business started. 

In the beginning, people were wanting to have some of these same modifications made to their coaches. We were working on their coach in front of our woodworking facility and pulling men out of the woodshop to make these renovations. In 1989, we saw the opportunity for a whole separate business. There was a vacant building next to our existing facility which we rented to begin Coachcraft. In the early years, we strictly did interior renovations and modifications. Everything from flooring, upholstery, and even some floor plan changes.  But we were not a maintenance type of facility. In 1996, I purchased both businesses from my father, although he was not ready for full time retirement, he was ready for semi-retirement. We agreed that he would continue to work Coachcraft up ‘til 2002, before full retirement. When I fully took over the operation of Coachcraft in 2002, I realized that we needed to be more than just a renovation facility.  We were missing too many opportunities for service work. So, we began to evolve into the full service facility that we are today.

Our growth to our point today has been a slow and controlled one. We try to take our time in finding the right people for the job. So far it has worked well. I am very blessed to have the crew that I have. For our customers and our customers that have become friends, I want to say thank you. For those who are thinking about using us for the first time, please give us the opportunity. We will do our very best to make your visit with us an enjoyable one. 

Thank you,

Brad MacDonald