Are you ready to upgrade your RV’s living space? Does its infrastructure need some TLC? No matter what your upgrade needs, we’re your go-to source for RV repairs, replacements, upgrades, maintenance, and more. Contact Coachcraft by Macdonald in Columbus, Georgia for all your RV and mobile camper needs.

We have been in business for more than 30 years, serving the RV community, not just in the Columbus and Phenix City, Alabama areas, but across the entire United States. That’s right, we are a premier provider of RV repair services for owners in every state. We’ve shipped in some of the biggest, most impressive RV remodeling projects.

Then again, no project is too small. Whatever your RV needs might be, contact us and we can help you get it done!

There are certain nuances that come with working on mobile campers. While you still want them to remain nice for your camping, traveling, or living situations, it can be harder to find someone who specializes in RV repair. While contractors CAN step in and do the job, there is a steep learning curve.

We specialize in RVs so we can offer our pointed expertise. We believe we can do a far better job by focusing on what we do best: RV services and repairs.

Why Coachcraft by Macdonald?

We pride ourselves on offering only the best in RV services and repair. That means paying strict attention to detail and ensuring the best work possible. From relying on our decades of experience, focusing on every possible aspect, from customer experience to work that’s done the right way, every time, we want to provide an incredible experience overall.

That way you can love your RV even more! With custom upgrades that offer convenience and luxury with every trip you take.

We will work our hardest to ensure you have the best experience possible. Contact us with any questions you might have and we will be happy to talk you through the RV adjustment process and find the best solutions to meet your needs.


How to Get Started on Your RV Remodel

Is your RV ready for an upgrade? Are you ready for an upgrade with interior or function? What about appliances or the look and feel of the entire RV? Whether there’s a maintenance repair that brings itself to your attention, or you’re simply ready to add new features, we’re your go-to source in RV servicing.

Just like your home, from time to time, your RV will need fixing up, as well as repairs. Don’t sit on them and wait until they demand your attention, attack any RV repairs before they cause additional problems.

As for style upgrades, you deserve to add new features to your living space as you see fit. Put your remodeling dreams into reality with your RV and travel in style from now on!

Enhance your traveling journey with RVing and Coachcraft by Macdonald in Columbus, Georgia.

Contact us today to learn more about RV services.