Custom Cabinetry and Upholstery

Custom Cabinetry and Upholstery

You might also be considering an upgrade to your RV unit’s fabrics. From couches, to dining room seating, to special features throughout, including decor or living space features, each RV comes with its own designs. Whether you’re tired of looking at the same patterns or have found some wear and tear, we can help get you the look and feel you’re after.

RV renovation might be your next best bet! We have hundreds of choices to look at, thanks to our extensive selection of cabinet styles and colors. Choose the design that meets your wants and needs for a perfect fit. We’ll help you opt for the best style, or search and choose on your own – the choice is up to you.

Then, once your cabinets are ready, Coachcraft by Macdonald will install them with expert insight. Never fret about the size or quality of your RV’s cabinets. Our team of trained professionals specializes in tedious RV work so your cabinets are installed perfectly the first time around. Have questions about cabinet options for your RV? Contact us today to learn more.

Find the fabric style and feel that you’re after in our extensive collection for your RV renovation. Once you’ve made your decision, our expert upholstery pros will get to work adding it to your RV and giving it that extra special touch. You never have to settle for the fabric you don’t like in an RV again. Consider a custom upgrade to not only compliment your RV’s esthetics but for a quick and effective remodel. Repair or replace any damaged fabrics, and start fresh for your travel journeys. At Coachcraft by Macdonald, we want to be your go-to source for all RV repairs and needs, including fabric or unit upholstery. To learn more about available services or to start designing your RV’s next remodel today, get in touch.

Ready to learn more about what we can do? Give us a call – we’re ready to answer any questions you might have.

Chassis Service and Repair

The underbelly of your RV is what makes it run. It’s what creates a smooth ride and allows for safe travel. Don’t discount the importance of proper maintenance at all times. After all, you’re putting some serious miles under your belt; it only makes sense that wear and tear will take place. From things as simple as regular oil changes, checking breaks and shocks, and ensuring your RV’s chassis is up to par, routine check-ins are key for safe travels.

In the same way your car needs addressed and looked at every so often, it’s important to give your RV unit the same TLC. Before heading out on a big trip or whenever you sense something might be slightly off, schedule a maintenance appointment with Coachcraft by Macdonald. We will give your RV a once-over and ensure that all is working as it should. Whether you have concerns about a specific part, or simply want peace of mind that your RV is ready to hit the road, we’re your source for RV maintenance.

Repair Your RV Model

Wear and tear happens. It’s a part of life on the road. Don’t let it slow you down, however. Schedule a time to have us take a look. At Coachcraft by Macdonald, we have more than 30 years of expert experience working on RVs. From everything from troubleshooting and performing important chassis repairs, we’re your go-to source.

Don’t find a problem once it’s too late. Repair parts as they break to save time and stress. After all, a broken part might continue to work, while causing more damage beneath the surface. Don’t find yourself in this situation, but prepare for the problem and fix it sooner rather than later. It’s a move that will ensure your RV is in better working order, and eliminate future damages (expensive damages) from striking your unit.

Repair is simply part of taking care of your RV unit. Don’t avoid smart fixes that can improve function and prevent future breakage. Schedule a time with us to view your RV unit today and give yourself peace of mind before hitting the road.