Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Cool down in the summer heat! Nothing is worse than getting out on the road, only to realize your AC has stopped working or isn’t working up to its full capacity. Especially when dealing with the summer heat. It’s so muggy, sticky, and just downright hot. If that’s how you choose to camp, then, by all means, go ahead being one with nature.

But for the rest of us who prefer to camp in a controlled climate, it’s important to ensure your RV’s air conditioning is working at all times. Whether you need a new AC unit for your RV or are in need of AC unit maintenance, we can help get you cooled off in no time.

Coachcraft by Macdonald in Columbus, GA specializes in AC unit repair and replacement for RV models. Don’t camp in the heat! Schedule your maintenance for a more comfortable way to camp.


AC Upgrades by Coachcraft by Macdonald

If you’re ever wondered about the efficiency of your RV’s air conditioning unit, it might be time for an upgrade. Remember that this is an important part of your camping experience, and any aging parts or older models can be prone to breaking down. You can also simply make your fuel/energy usage more efficient with an upgraded model.

Keep in mind that newer RV AC units are often smaller, cooler, and can function on less power than its older counterparts. Because they are so heavily utilized, many of our customers choose to upgrade every few years, if only for comfort.

In contrast, you can simply have us take a look to see what’s going on with your RV’s AC unit either way. Our expert team can give you a custom evaluation to determine what you need to do if anything. Don’t spend money on an upgrade that’s not needed, but gain peace of mind that your unit is up to par with a quick once-over by our highly certified techs.

RV Air Conditioning Units

Summer in the South is no time to find out your RV’s air conditioning unit isn’t working as it should. Schedule a routine maintenance visit, or an AC replacement for your RV unit so you can remain cool and comfortable all summer, and every time you choose to travel.

From original unit models to custom add-ons that add space and efficiency, we can help find the perfect solution for your current unit and wants and needs. Look to the AC experts for the perfect plan on overhauling your RV’s air conditioning unit today. With more than thirty years in the business, we have the knowledge and expertise you can count on when checking on your camping needs. Stop fretting and ensure your model is up to par before you ever leave on your upcoming camping adventure. Stay cool with Coachcraft by Macdonald’s custom air conditioning services.

Coachcraft by Macdonald is your go-to source for RV AC check-ins. Contact us in Columbus, Georgia to learn more today.