Generator Installation, Repair, and Services

Generator Installation, Repair, and Services

Keep your RV running. At the campsite, on the road, whenever you need it to be working, you REALLY need it to be working. That’s why, at Coachcraft by Macdonald, we do our best to keep your RV unit running at maximum efficiency. That means pinpointing errors, offering maintenance, creating upgrades, and more. We’re your source for RV generator work, no matter the unit or model, or the issue at hand.

Your generator is your RV unit’s lifeline. It’s what keeps the power on, and possibly, more importantly, it’s what keeps the air conditioner running. (Can we get a phew for that Southern heat?!) Don’t leave yourself stranded, or at the campsite with no power. Take great care of your generator with scheduled maintenance and check-ups, with our help!

Our team of experts specializes in all things RV generators. From checking wires, ensuring the unit is clean and working as efficiently as possible, at Coachcraft by Macdonald, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and should your unit start to fizzle out, we can set you up with a replacement, too.

From initial problem solving, to finding and installing a new generator unit, we can help you keep your RV up and running smoothly, every step of the way.

Custom Cabinetry and Upholstery


Get the cabinets you want and deserve! Just because you’re traveling in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t opt for custom cabinetry, in fact, it’s all the more reason you SHOULD! When traveling, space is tight and you’re looking to store smarter, not harder. Not to mention the need for incredible function and working models. The generic stuff sometimes just won’t do. You need cabinets that help work in your favor. Not that simply exist. That’s why, with Coachcraft by Macdonald, you can choose custom cabinet options for your RV unit. Travel in style … and with peace of mind that your cabinets are not only beautiful but do what you need them to, when you need it.

Store items safely away in the kitchen, upgrade bathroom functions, and more. The entire RV unit can be outfitted with custom cabinets that help improve flow and storage options throughout. Stop settling for less than what you truly want and consider how new cabinet options could improve your stay every time you leave the house.

RV Generator Services

There’s so much that can go wrong with your RV’s generator. Ideally, a model works as it should, but we know that simply isn’t always the case. If you skip maintenance, go on a long trip, or even get your unit dirty when traveling through some weather, a generator can start acting up. This is also true simply of age. Over time, RV generators break down and fail to work as efficiently as they once did.

All of this is not only normal, but it’s also expected. That’s why you can let us, Coachcraft by Macdonald, the RV generator experts, handle it! We know where to look, and what to do to get your generator back up to working efficiently. Or, in the event of a lost cause, we’ll set you up with a new and improved model to keep your RV up and running when you need it most.

Don’t skimp when it comes to your generator. Take good care of it for reliable use in years to come.

Looking toward routine maintenance? We can help you there, too.  Not everyone likes doing their own generator maintenance and that’s why we’re here – to do the dirty work for you!

Book your slot today and gain peace of mind that your RV generator is in proper working order and has been taken care of by knowledgeable hands. Whether you’re planning a big trip or are simply “due” for generator maintenance, we can help provide the service and support needed to get you back on the road.

Contact us today to learn more.