It nice to be back home after a trip south for maintenance and upgrades to our 2000 Wanderlodge LXi motorhome. First was a stop in Columbus Ga to visit Coachcraft by MacDonald for repairs to the living room slide out, some general service to the air and hydraulic systems and tracking down and fixing some small roof leaks. Total professionals and fun to work with.

Extremely knowledgeable on the Bluebird line. Then on to Darren Thomas Glass in Sebring FL to replace the drivers side glass which had become permanently fogged with new non-fogging glass. Also, we changed the passenger 3 pane glass with a nice single pane glass. Linda really likes the view of her new picture window from the Queen’s Throne! I think we are all set to head out to visit families in Cross Lanes WV and Guntown MS for Christmas. We are also looking forward to join many of our friends in Quartzite AZ for The Birds of a Feather Rally! On The Road Again making memories with our Friends…. Thanks Willie for our retired theme song! Merry Christmas everyone!

Randall B.

Brad, Kenny, John, This note is from my heart. Your shop and crew are the most dedicated group of mechanics I have had the good fortune to have worked on my coach. I know it seem as if I just like hanging out, but with a coach as old as my 1965 MCI 5a, finding the shop with the knowledge to handle the gremlins which pop up has been a saving grace. I have never felt as comfortable and confident before.

This has been a bit of a tough trip for me, but your crew has put my heart at ease. I thank you all for your expertise and friendship. All of my questions and concerns were always answered and handled in the most professional manor.

It was a great run to Lexington, Ky, I have been here a couple of days and today it is raining. I left your shop in Feburary after the crew took care of water leaks I had in the seam where the cap meets the coach body over the drivers section.

This seem to still be a problem with more water leaking in onto the side window and dripping onto the switches in the driver area, I mentioned this but I see it wasnt written up and so, I am today letting you know it is leaking in an area which needs to be readdressed. I guess that wont be till the fall when I am back down that way, if this proves to be something I cant address. Please make note of this. I am doing my best to keep water from reaching the switches.

Again thank you and your men for all their hard work.

Jonathon F.

Following an accident involving my Newmar Dutch Star motor home, your exceptional team at Coachcraft – yourself, John Hughes, Glen McCormick, Kenny Rodgers and the rest of the team came to our rescue. My motor home had a mechanical problem which required a tow to a Cat shop for repair.

After Faulk and Sons Towing out of Phenix City was dispatched, the negligence of the tow truck driver caused my motor home to become unhooked from the tow truck while en route causing significant front end damage. I now had a motor home that would not run, and if it did I could not drive it due to the damage. John Hughes just happened by the ‘accident scene’ and left me his card. The next day (a Sunday) while waiting for the Cat shop to open on Monday, John hunted me down and told me Coachcraft could resolve not only the mechanical issue but the paint, body, electrical, frame, and other repairs required as a result of the accident. Monday morning John had a team out to dismantle some parts and prepare the coach to be towed. The motor home was towed to Coachcraft by MacDonald where over the next 112 days the extensive repairs were made. During this time I had multiple interactions with John and Glen and was kept up to date on the progress. Living over 3 hours away, this was very helpful. When it was ready for pick up, I worked closely with Glen and Kenny to finalize the paperwork and they both were very helpful in sorting through pages of work that had been completed and parts that had been replaced.

The coach was expertly repaired and I cannot thank the Coachcraft team enough for being the shining light at the end of a very difficult situation. After speaking with you personally, and sharing some business and personal stories, it is evident your genuine concern for treating the customer right is embedded in your business values and extends through your entire team. John went above and beyond by finding me on a Sunday and certainly soothed my very frazzled mind in trying to determine the next steps. I commend you and your team for not losing sight of customer service in a world where that is often lost, and as a business person I truly appreciate the business fundamentals you embrace. This on top of the skilled craftsmanship from your team is really a winning combination. While I wish this situation never happened, it by my good fortune happened in Columbus Georgia and Coachcraft came to the rescue.

Great job and thank you so much for being there for us.

Sean & Sandy S.

Hi all! We want to thank you for the great service and attention to our needs both at the wog and later at your facility.

It is very gratifying to be able to count on having things fixed right especially on such an old coach.

You can be sure that when needs arise in the future, we will call you!

Geoff M.

Dear Glen,

Thank you for all that you and your crew did while we were in Columbus for maintenance. You all really treated us like family while we were there for two weeks. You had told me that you were beginning to specialize in 450’s. We really learned that while we were there.

Steve McCormick’s knowledge of the construction of our coach helped when he worked on the slides, air system and other parts of the coach,

Glenn Rogers was intimately familiar with many of our electrical and slide issues, Glenn told us that he had personally delivered this coach to and from services when the original owner needed work performed on the coach. John Hughes took the extra time while under the coach to inspect the steering components and brakes. He offered helpful suggestions for needed maintenance and preventative issues that we could take.

Kenny Rodgers was very accommodating in completing our list of repair items and incorporating the added things that were discovered while we were at Coachcraft. He also helped us get out the door on time. One morning, Brad spent quite a bit of time making us feel welcomed and telling us more about Coachcraft and its history.

We now have a better operating coach which should give us more good miles of traveling. Each of your technicians took the time to explain coach items to us so that we could better fix it on the road. As I told them, “When we’re away from Coachcraft, I am the person who has to solve these problems.”.

We arrived in Las Vegas on time and with few problems. I leam each time I start and move this coach. I now know that it will run out of fuel with a 1/4 tank if headed up too great an incline. I pumped in 150 gallons to the top of the fuel neck 5 miles down the road from the campground where the engine failed. We lost the front air conditioner cover in high winds in New Mexico. Apparently the two front screws weren’t fully tight. All 16 screws are now properly tightened. The learning continues.

Please give our thanks to all of the people who worked on our coach. You have a good crew that makes one feel comfortable with the work that you are doing.

Mike & Lorri K.

We are so excited to pick up our Airstream! You have exceeded our expectations at every turn. Thank you for a job well done!

Debbie & David S.