Awning Repair

Awning Repair

A new awning for your camper is never something you will regret. Awnings are an extremely important part of your camper. Especially when you are out in the hot southern summer heat. When you are on the road, or about to leave for a summer road trip, a camper awning is not part of your trip that you want to sacrifice. An awning is a great way to enjoy the summer sun, without actually having to melt in it.

Whether you are needing a camper awning replacement, a new awning for camper, RV awning parts, or an RV awning frame replacement, we are here to help! Coachcraft By MacDonald has been in the RV Maintenance industry for over 30 years. We will guarantee proper awning installation for your camper.

Here at Coachcraft By MacDonald, we can add toppers to slide out rooms, replace worn fabricate on existing awnings, or do a complete RV awning replacement. These are just a few of our awning services. We can take a look at your RV awning motor, add on an awning to a window, and much more.

Next time you think about hopping in your camper and taking a trip, don’t forget to come by and let us take a look at that awning of yours!

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